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We’re sure you’re eager to start your application. But before you do, we need to let you know how we’ll be using the information you send us. It should only take a minute. Simply read the statement below, tick the box if you’re happy, and away you go.


To help us manage your registration and application, we’ll need to collect some personal data from you. We promise we’ll look after it. In fact (brace yourself, here comes the legal bit): we’ll process your personal data fairly, lawfully and in adherence to the Data Protection Act 1998. We’ll take reasonable and appropriate measures to ensure that all your information (that includes everything on your CV) is protected from unauthorised access or modification, unlawful destruction and improper use.

In other words, the information you give us will help with your application. And that’s it. So we won’t pass it on to anyone else. We’ll hold your Equal Opportunity information separately too – it won’t play a part in the selection process. We won’t hold on to your details forever and a day either (24 months, once you’ve completed your application, tops).

Of course, it’s down to you to make sure your CV is accurate and up to date. If any of the information you’ve given us changes, you’ll need to let us know by emailing

Don’t forget to let your referees know you’ve applied too.

We call all of this our Privacy Commitment. Should it ever change, we’ll post all the details here. That way, you’ll always know exactly how the information we ask for is used. We think it’s pretty straightforward, but if you have any questions, feel free to email us at